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The Fabry Pain Diary app has been developed to meet the needs of Fabry disease patients and health care professionals. Pain is a symptom of Fabry disease, and can be experienced at varying intensity from early childhood through to adulthood. To help patients effectively monitor and record pain symptoms, the app has been developed around the pain score diary used by physicians for assessing Fabry Disease treatment eligibility.

The Fabry Pain Diary is a smart phone app developed specifically to assist patients diagnosed with Fabry disease to monitor their pain. By helping a patient to monitor and record pain symptoms, the Fabry Pain Diary aims to improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life.

The app can be used to track the type of pain and symptoms experienced by patients over time. This information can then be summarized into reports for patients to provide to their health care professionals, to assist in the management and treatment of their condition.

Infusion dates and reminders are also features of the Fabry Pain Diary.


Last Updated: 5/18/2017
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