For Genzyme, running a responsible business means looking out for the interests of all stakeholders affected by and involved in the work we do.

Commitment to Patients

What does corporate responsibility mean at Genzyme? It means running a sustainable business that can continue to invest in important research and innovative new therapies. It also means conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards and practices. Most of all, it means demonstrating our ongoing commitment to all of our stakeholders, from the patients we serve, to the employees we rely on, to the wider communities in which we operate.

Genzyme's sense of responsibility is grounded in our commitment to patients – and in particular to those patients who have few other advocates. Our company was founded to address the needs of patients with rare diseases who had no available treatment options, and we remain committed today to advancing new therapies for still-unmet medical needs.

Medicines Australia

Applying responsible business practice, Genzyme is a member of Medicines Australia. Genzyme adheres to Medicines Australia’s Code of Conduct which sets the standards for the ethical marketing and promotion of prescription products in Australia. Access the latest edition of the Code of Conduct.

Last Updated: 2/11/2016
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